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summer camps


The 8-14 year old camp will be run by Joe and the group will be surfing as much as possible throughout the week. These camps are a great way to get into surfing or indeed improve on skills you have already! We will also have new adventure activities planned which aim to promote active learning about safety and the area that surrounds Little Joe's. The games keep the children seriously active and are a great way to make friends and enjoy our time down the beach.

Summer Dates 2017

  1. 24th July - 28th July

  2. 31st July - 4th August

  3. 7th August - 11th August

  4. 14th August - 18th August

  5. 21st August - 25th August

  6. 28th August - 1st September


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little joey's camps


Getting down the beach is not just for the big kids and the gang will be back to run the Little Joey’s Camp! The children will be getting in the water on body boards to get to grips with the sea and waves before moving onto surfboards by the end of the week. The week will be jam-packed with lots of beach-orientated activities to increase the children’s knowledge of the beach, safety and the surrounding area- whilst having loads of fun and making new friends. When they are not in the water they will be exploring the great St. Ouen’s Bay!   

Summer Dates 2017

  1. 24th July - 28th July             *WAITING LIST*

  2. 31st July - 4th August            *WAITING LIST*

  3. 7th August - 11th August        *WAITING LIST*

  4. 14th August - 18th August      *WAITING LIST*

  5. 21st August - 25th August     *WAITING LIST*

  6. 28th August - 1st September *WAITING LIST*


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Lessons & Parties

As well as Summer Camps and After School Clubs, we also private tuition, group lessons and are available for parties.

We tailor lessons to suit you and you can create your own group session if you choose!

Our lessons cater to all abilities.

Please call or message to enquire so we can arrange a session to cater to your needs.



sands crew



£15 (£10 for Sands Surf Crew Club Members)

Being part of the Sands Crew is about learning, confidence and having fun in a safe beach environment. For us, the beach is the classroom. They gain confidence by passing the ‘challenges’ of swimming, body surfing, life saving and water safety skills, first aid, surfing, beach sprints, dolphin-diving, life support, body boarding, team building, communication, learning about the beach, spotting a rip, having fun with new friends and discovering things about themselves.

Every parent wants their child to lead a happy, healthy and active youth. There is no better place in Jersey than at the beach. Why not become part of the Sands Crew? Every session we will be teaching the children vital skills that they can take away from the beach and into any part of their life.

The Sunday morning programme introduces children aged 5 to 14 to the many adventures that can be had at the beach but always with one eye on their safety and the safety of others.

Contact joe@littlejoesurf.com or call 01534 483707 during office hours for more information.